Create the best park in the Westworld official videogame


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Westworld is the official game of the homonymous HBO show that challenges you to create the best park possible that can satisfy all your visitors. This is a strategy based game that lets you create a large number of locations and hosts that any fan of the show will recognize.

In this strategy-based video game you have to upgrade the different buildings of your base of operations, as well as create new cabins that let you keep rising to the next level. This will let you manufacture new locations for the surface that’ll entertain any visitor of your park.

In order to get the necessary resources for that building task you’ll have to use the hosts: in each building of the surface you’ll find people waiting for you to interact with them. Each one of them will have different needs and you’ll need to send the correct host to meet those needs as best as possible. Your hosts will earn experience after each of those encounters and you can keep improving them in your base of operations.

Westworld is a fantastic strategy-based game that’ll remind you in many aspects to the amazing Fallout Shelter. You’ll have an infinite number of things to do and after you go up a level, you’ll keep unlocking more and more characteristics. The only problem is that the waiting times between actions could end up boring you, but it is normal for these types of games.

Android 4.4 or greater is required.